My Vision for India in 2047


My Vision for India in 2047





India enters its hundredth year in 2047 after independence. First of all, we should develop our country, number one in whole countries. what is our planning?

Can we be self-sufficient in all categories?

Shall we get rid of poverty and cast imbalance?

Can our nation get growth, equality, employment, peace, prosperity, and brotherhood?

Such questions turned me, to write this essay "My vision  2047".


At the time of our independence, only below 20% of our people are able to read and write. Past thousand years, we administrated by Chera, Chola, Pandiyas, Pallavas, Mughals, Muslims, and British, but they are not taking any steps to improve our education.

After independence, the situation improves. In 2022. Last year's literacy rate shows 77% of our people literate.

My vision and ambition are in India 2047, every Indian should get higher education. This education includes medicine, engineering automobiles, aeronautics, computers, and space.

Education is purely given to our pupils free of cost. Well, studied students' main drawback is, that they come out from poor families. Money could not be a hurdle for any education.  I believed my dream 47 India fulfil my desire.

No partiality between men and women. If one asking to me, I will certainly say no gender column in any application. All are equal. The word equal should not be only in papers and constitution, it will be revealed in real life. Everyone should get a job from government or private institutions on merit. No one loses his job opportunity, by money, power, and political influence. Government should encourage self-employment.

All types of educational institutions are established within India. It causes no necessity to go for  abroad education. It helps also save our foreign exchange.


In India during the period of Atal Bihari Vajbai in 1998, India conducted a nuclear  Auto bomb test. The word community particularly angry  America insists on the economic ban on India. But India is not affected. Suppliers of raw materials from various countries were really affected. India populated more than 120 crores. Exporting to India countries gain the loss. Ban automatically expires.

What I come to say is, always India must be strengthened and self-sufficient. Youngsters population in India are high number in ever world. Near 60 crore Indians are youngsters.  Even China can not compete with India.

We encourage the export of goods, to other parts of our world.   First, we classified the demanding items and produce the same. To produce a large quantity of export items, We may use manpower on an 8-hour shift basis. The automobile industry, textile industry, and medical field are ready to give employment for three sixty-five days to Indians. We should avail the opportunities.


To develop a country, the basic requirement is infrastructure. To a country or organization, first, we need our own buildings, transport, power, and water supplies. Road facilities and communication networks should be established. Manpower in India gets a lower cost compared to other countries. So we compete with any other country in exports.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are available in large quantities across India. We may process and preserve it. Exporting processed items to earn profit for farmers and foreign exchange to our government. Exporting fisheries also earn the same.


My Vision 2047 for India is:

  • Corrupt free India
  • No import, Only export
  • Self-reliance and self-dependent
  • Developing country to developed country
  • Steps to cut down unemployment
  • Hunger free India
  • Free medical facilities in rural areas
  • Cast communal free India
  • Without poverty without pollution aimed India
  • All Indians covered with insurance
  • Education and establishing industries approvals in the single window system
  • Yoga classes for all ages, to maintain wealthy health
  • To maintain maximum tax rates of around 10%
  • Low-interest rates for farmers, handlooms, and small-scale businesses for loans at any time
  • Application and admission are only on an online basis.
  • Compulsory pension for above sixty years age group.
  • Medical treatment should be cheaper or free.
  • Education should be free,  even poor.
  • No variation by birth
  • Child laborers should be banned
  • Infrastructure made by all fields
  • To encourage robot technology in mining works
  • India to be the boss in space technology
  • Education must be compulsory for all
  • Encourage agriculture because it is the soul of our country
  • Bribery is a cancer of the nation, it should be vaccinated
  • Oil and natural gas must be self-sufficient
  • India becoming the leading country in the world.

It is my vision for India.

Despite all, peace, love, brotherhood, affection, communal harmony, equal gender, and mutual mentolity should be placed in India.


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