Space debris and mitigation

Space debris and mitigation

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It is the body of water called the 'ocean' that holds the vast expanse of the world.  No matter how deep and long the sea surface is, we read in the news that even the small pieces of garbage lying in it are gathered together and it looks like a separate island.  Garbage dumped in the sea is brought together by the waves and creates huge garbage patches.  Marine animals who eat this by mistake also lose their nature due to a small human error.  Sea water is also polluted.  Similarly, artificial wastes released or left behind by satellites, spacecraft, and astronauts that we send into space are called space debris.  For example, if an astronaut accidentally leaves a screwdriver in space and returns to Earth, that object floating in space is called space debris.  This is a research paper on ways to mitigate such space debris.

Space junk

Space junk isn't the only thing an astronaut accidentally leaves in space.  Some of the space debris,

  1. An unreachable satellite
  2. Destabilized satellite
  3. A rocket/satellite that crashed into the planets
  4. Rocket launcher parts
  5. Throwing parts used by astronauts
  6. Uncontrollable floating satellites/rockets in space

Space debris is not only a threat to marine life like marine debris but also a threat to Earth's vast biosphere.  Similarly, space debris floating in one place and accelerating and moving will cause future hazards, space researchers say.

The threat of space debris

According to the research so far, researchers have found more than five lakh (5,00,000) pieces of space debris on Earth's surface alone.  These collide with each other and create more space debris.

Space debris can lead to future evils.  Space debris accumulating all over the Earth's surface could make rocket launches impossible.

Space debris can be a major survey obstacle for valuable satellites that monitor Earth's resources and lands from space.

An even more significant threat is that space debris entering the atmospheric layers could cause extremely violent debris showers on Earth.  They are not pleasing to the eyes.  That's because a small piece of space debris travels at about 17,500 mph.

Space debris hitting Earth at this speed can have a massive catastrophic effect.  A space debris attack has the potential to be as devastating as an asteroid attack.

Mitigation methods

Various national space research centers are also thinking about the study of methods of mitigation of space debris.  The reason for this is that these may cause great destruction to mankind in the future.

Space Garbage Trucks are used to keep satellites and rockets from becoming space junk.  This debris removal launch vehicle cleans up space by removing or destroying large debris floating in space.  It is noteworthy that the DARPA organization of the United States conducted this test and succeeded.

Second, massive destruction beams can be used.  These are called the LODR method.  Space debris floating on Earth's surface can be dusted with this method without much loss of material.

Researchers are also thinking about ways to push debris away from the solar system.  If Earth and its friendly planets were accelerated enough to be unharmed by space debris, they would pass through the Solar System.  This way also we can protect our earth.

The method of SpaceX

Elon Musk's SpaceX is finding a new technology as rockets carrying satellites into space stall and cause space debris.

It can bring rockets carrying satellites safely back to Earth.  This avoids huge material losses and mitigates space debris.

Elon Musk's SpaceX has pioneered new technology and model for the world's government space exploration centers.

Garbage blanket

The U.S. government has a 5-year deadline to eliminate all space debris.  Space debris is also a major threat to spacecraft orbiting the Earth properly.  Due to this, it was not possible to study the earth properly.  The FCC says other launch vehicles can be launched without problems as long as they clear out defunct satellites and other debris.

Scientists warn that the space debris that is colliding with each other and accumulating more in the lower atmosphere known as 'Lower Earth Orbit' should be removed immediately, otherwise a debris blanket will be formed that will cover the Earth.


The scientific development of an individual contributes greatly to the development of that country.  But the space development of a country alone is fundamental to the development of the entire mankind.  Although space debris is not a big challenge for us in today's environment, we should keep our space clean by using science in the best possible ways without leaving it like an 'untended forest fire'.  Although there are many ways to mitigate space debris, we will dispose of space debris in ways that do not harm the Earth's natural resources.  Let us create an immaculate sky.  That alone will create worldly good

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